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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Are Chinese Bloggers Saying About Google Leaving China?

Jonathan Watts, guardian.co.uk, January 13, 2010:  “Chinese bulletin boards and microblogs have been buzzing all day with chatter about Google's announcement [that it may abandon the Chinese market over China’s alleged hacking of Google corporate infrastructure in an effort to get at Chinese human rights activists’ Gmail accounts]. The vast majority either supported Google's decision to challenge the censors or expressed regret at the possible loss of a cherished search engine, but there was also criticism of the US firm's business tactics.”

If you want to read more, see “Google pulls out of China: what the bloggers are saying.” Also see “Google stops short of fingering China for cyber attacks.” Google’s official statement, headlined A New Approach to China,  can be found at The Official Google Blog.


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