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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

TBJ Blog Notes

May 26, 2009, was the first day of blogging for Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Henry Unger. His blog is called The Biz Beat. Welcome, Henry.

San Francisco, California-based Jim Hopkins, publisher of the Gannett Blog, which “ has no formal affiliation with Gannett Co.,” will cease publishing his blog on October 1, 2009. See Hopkins’ May 26, 2009, post headlined “Going fishin' | I'm now handing in my notice” learn why. It may surprise you. Then again it may not.

On May 26, 2009, Universe Today’s Fraser Cain reported: “I just got an email out of the blue from former CNN anchor Miles O’Brien letting me know about a recent blog post at True/Slant about the recent repair of the Hubble Space Telescope. It’s a great article, go read it and then dig back through the archives. I think the first article is here.” See “Miles O’Brien is Hubble Blogging Over at True/Slant.”

Recommended: Poynter Online writer Will Sullivan’s May 27, 2009, E-Media Tidbits post headlined “Chicago Tribune Launches New 'Huffington Post Meets Facebook' Blog Network.”

Mark Potts at Recovering Journalist also has a take on The Tribune’s new venture. See “The Future is ChicagoNow.”

Agence France Presse: Susie's Big Adventure in Saudi Arabia has turned a little dark: the US expat's chirpy blog on life in the kingdom with a Saudi husband has been blocked by the country's censors.”

Steven A. Smith over at Still A Newspaperman: “When I quit The Spokesman last October, I was confident I would find a new job within a few months. Well that hasn’t happened. Since beginning my serious job search in March, I’ve found the opportunities few and far between.” See “On Being Unemployed.”

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