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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Reuters Ambitious Plans For A Golden Age Of Journalism

Jemima Kiss has a revealing, February 15, 2007, post at the Guardian of London's Organ Grinder blog on Reuters' ambitious new media plans. Notes Kiss:

Among the big-name speakers at We Media was Chris Ahearn [link added], president of Reuters Media [link added]. Whether by coincidence or design - probably a little of both - Reuters began its push into consumer media just as the industry began to tackle the new frontier of user content and community," she reports.

"Across that frontier is a future where Reuters would augment its professional journalism with the source material and eyewitness accounts of millions of people around the world. This future, said Ahearn, is one which will be regarded as a golden age of journalism, where reporters work with specialised communities of reliable and trusted sources and stringers, and where technology provides new tools and information that paper-based journalists could only dream about.

According to Kiss, "Ahearn said it takes place one person at a time, encouraging interaction with the community, promoting positive ethics and dealing with problems forthrightly."

He sounds life Buzzmachine's Jeff Jarvis.

If you're interested in Kiss' entire post, please see "Reuters Media president: This will be a golden age of journalism."

By the way, Jemima's last name is pronounced Kish. It's Hungarian.


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