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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Scoble's 'Big Gadget Sites Don’t Link To Blogs' Post Causes A Commotion

I see Robert Scoble over at Scobleizer has caused quite a debate with his January 27, 2007, claim that Big gadget sites don’t link to blogs (I went overboard, read updates). Scoble's comment section is hot, with folks from "big gadget sites" such as Gizmodo and Engadget calling Scoble out for saying they didn't link. He apologized, but it hasn't quieted the storm.

Does it bother me if another blogger doesn't link to The Blogging Journalist? No. Am I appreciative if someone does? Yes. Do I feel obligated to link back? No. However, I will usually try to find a way to cite something from them at some point.

By the way, my policy is not to solicit or trade links. As for linking to blogs in my posts, I make it a point to try to link to every blog I use for reference. I may occasionally miss doing so, but it's not intentional. I try to  link to posts I think may be of interest to some TBJ readers, not necessarily all of them.

In fact, I cast the TBJ net all over the world every day looking for interesting blog posts. I don't care if the blogger is from The Philippines, Malaysia, or somewhere in Europe, Africa, The Middle East or Australia, I want know if he or she has written something about blogging journalist and so-called "citizen journalists" that may interest TBJ readers.

I also make it a point to say what day a post I cite was originally published. Most of the time I cite both the author and the publication. I've turned down many good posts because the author wasn't listed or the post wasn't dated. Occasionally, I'll cite a post in which the author uses one name. But not too often.

Finally, I'm aware that some people come to TBJ for research purposes. That's why dates and sourcing are important to me. 


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