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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Microsoft's Dare Obasanjo On 'The Year The Blog Died'

"This year was the first year I considered ending this blog because I'd finally gotten tired of the hassle of people complaining about what I wrote here," Microsoft's Dare Obsanjo writes in a December 31, 2006, post over at Dare Obasanjo AKA Carnage4Life.  See "The year the blog died. He added:

The final straw for me surprisingly hasn't been work related although there have been stretching points from disgruntled coworkers who lashed out because I use competing products to people complaining to my management chain and theirs hoping to get me reprimanded or even fired for not toeing the party line. I stand by everything I've written in this blog but I've now gotten enough heat and taken enough inter-personal communication training classes to realize that some opinions are more trouble than they are worth. So every once in a while, a quietly drown a kitten of a half written blog post because I can't be bothered with dealing with the feedback. However that wasn't the breaking point, since I've considered this experience part of "growing up".

What I didn't expect to have to deal with was people back home in Nigeria reading my blog. Or even worse, certain posts in from my blog being printed out and republished in Nigerian print magazines. That audience which now includes quite a few members of my family is one I hadn't anticipated and one whose feedback on misconstrued posts is one I take more to heart than the other kinds of feedback I'm used to getting about my blog.

Obasanjo, the son of Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, said, "This has now introduced a new set of filters I have to apply to my blog posts."

He revealed: "I've now begun to question the purpose of continuing to write this blog and considered ending it and perhaps restarting an anonymous one on some generic blog hosting service like TypePad or Blogger. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next but thought it only fair to let the couple thousand folks who read this blog regularly to know why it stopped if it does stop."

Dare, I read you regularly and hope you don't stop. While undoubtedly there are those who would want you to do just that,  "the couple thousand folks who read" your "blog regularly" would be disappointed. As Robert Scoble over at Scobleizer told Google's Matt Cutts in a December 31, 2006, post headlined I like Matt Cutts of Google:

...if you are really trying to change the world for good and are building systems that hundreds of millions of people will use, get a tougher skin and be willing to put up with some crap too. Believe me, it’s hard to take that medicine, though).
By the way, Obasanjo created the  "RSS Bandit: an RSS/Atom aggregator (also known as an RSS Reader) for your desktop written with the .NET Framework (source:Rss Bandit).


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