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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Digital Inspiration Lists Bloggers Who Received Laptops From Microsoft

Amit Agarwal, editor of Digital Inspiration,  has posted a list 14 tech bloggers who have received from Microsoft a Ferrari 1000 Acer laptop with Windows Vista and an AMD processor. He also tells what they plan to do with the machines in the wake of the widespread debate among tech blogger over what some are calling a bribe. See Slashdot's  Microsoft Bribing Bloggers With Laptops . Also see Joel on Software proprietor Joel Spolsky's December 28, 2006, post headlined "Bribing Bloggers."

On the other hand, Robert Scoble over at Scobleizer told his readers "I think the Microsoft Vista giveaway is an awesome idea. Jupiter Research's Michael Gartenberg  offers "Lessons from the Ferrari Fiasco."

As for Agarwal, who is "also working with Podtech.net as their Editor-in-Chief for India: "Yes, I am also receiving a Ferrari Laptop from Microsoft though it's still at the DHL warehouse. I will probably keep the laptop with me just like I accepted the Digital Photo frame from Google, review software from various companies or those MVP Freebies."

Meanwhile, blogger Marshall Kirkpatrick, "Director of Content at SplashCast," says "Now Microsoft Wants Its Laptop Back.

To read the list, please see "Bloggers Who Have Received Microsoft Ferrari Laptops And What They Are Doing with the Gifts."


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