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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Six Apart Has Officially Launched Its Vox Blogging Service

Six Apart, the San Francisco, California-based company behind the Movable Type, TypePad and LiveJournal blogging services, has officially launched Vox, its "free," personal blogging service. It was opened to beta testers at the "beginning of June" 2006.

The Vox sign-up page, with its logo of what appears to be a pink heart with Vox written on it, has a rather feminine look, at least to me. Nevertheless, I've been exploring the service for the past week and like it. Especially the ability to change themes with ease. And there are many to choose from. However, I don't know long I'll keep using it.

According to the Vox team, "There are over 85,000 people currently on Vox who are incredibly active (which is what really matters). That’s a lot of people for a gated invite-only system that has had controlled growth. The best thing is that even with a community of that size, Vox still feels intimate and welcoming," the team said in an October 25, 2006, post headlined Happy Vox Launch Day!.

In the long-run, Vox is really not free. Bloggers will help Six Apart generate revenue through the unobtrusive Google ads generated as a result of bloggers' content. While I would love to see Six Apart share some of the money with bloggers, I realize this may not matter to some people. Since no one is forced to take a Vox account, those who feel strongly about this won't join the service.

By the way, the ads reminds me of those I see on my Gmail account. I don't find them annoying. Nor do I expect to receive revenue from them.


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