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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Is Blogger Robert Scoble Leaving Microsoft?

Tom Foremski at SiliconValleyWatcher reported June 10, 2006 that, "Andy Plesser from Plesser Holland and the videoblog Beet.tv just called and told me Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft and will join Podtech.net, the podcasting network. He will be moving from Seattle to Silicon Valley," Foremski wrote.

What about it Robert? Are you leaving Microsoft? If so, blog about it and reveal why.

With Who da'Punk at Mini-Microsoft wisely muzzling himself before he is outed and fired for criticizing Microsoft and Scoble leaving, if the report is true, it will be interesting see what kind of news comes out of Redmond, Washington.Will it be bland PR fare? Or will another, exciting Microsoft blogger emerge?

Dare Obasanjo has a good writing style and probably could be a great Microsoft evangelist, if he were allowed to take up where Scoble's is leaving off and not told what to write.

For more, see "Microsoft's top blogger Robert Scoble is leaving.... " Also see Om Malik's commentary on Foremski's report. Vinnie Mirchandani at "deal architect" also has a comment.


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