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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Professor: 'Even Bloggers Must Mind Their Grammar and Spelling'

Michael Saffran, described by the Rochester (New York) Democrat & Chronicle as an "associate director of University News Services and an adjunct professor of communication at Rochester Institute of Technology," writes in a March 27, 2006, guest essay:

Much has been written and talked about blogs, blogging and bloggers. Are blogs credible? Is blogging journalism? Can bloggers be trusted? I have definite opinions on each of these questions (and more) about Web logs, and, with some reluctance, recently brought them to the Rochester Institute of Technology news services blog (www.thetigerbeat.com/blog).
"Fervently pro-free marketplace of ideas, I might be expected to champion blogging as a form of decentralized, grass-roots, citizen journalism. However, even as I've added my voice to the "blogosphere," I remain skeptical of the forum."

To learn why, please see "Yes, even bloggers must mind their grammar and spelling." I wonder who has been arguing that it shouldn't.