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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sensing and Cobb: Two Bloggers Moving On

Donald Sensing at One Hand Clapping says he's taking "an indefinite hiatus" from blogging.

"I have no idea when I’ll resume," he said in a March 6, 2006 post. "When or if I get an urge to post something I’ll publish it at Winds of Change, where I have been posting stuff for a few months as well as here."

Back on March 2, 2006, Cobb, who describes himself as "Unconventional, Unreconstructed, Unalloyed, Unscented & Black & Republican & Civil Libertarian & Righteous & Uppity & Global Capitalist & Pro-Commons & Family Oriented & Provocative & Sometimes Worth Reading," announced that "This is about the time to retire. I am really not so much interested in the daily spew of political news, nor do I think I have left a great deal of ground uncovered."

Of course, he said more. See "To Spend More Time With the Family.

I hope both bloggers return. While I've read them occasionally, I learned about their announcements from Joe Gandleman over at The Moderate Voice (TMV). If you don't read TMV, I highly recommend it. Joe does a lot of original work.


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